Posted by Lucia on Venerdì Giu 1, 2018 Under Lavori pittorici, Lucy's photos

Tante variopinte carte colorate, ottenute dalla lavorazione di rotocalchi con solvente, unite a tasselli quadrati ad acrilico e colore a rilievo, compongono questa scacchiera patchwork.

Realizzazione e foto © di Lucia Leone

9 Responses to “Collage”

  1. sasha key Says:

    I love this project ;)

  2. Isra Grigo Says:

    Wonderful! !

  3. Jason Thin Says:

    Amazing , great blog!

  4. Robert Anobe Says:

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  5. Cid Campeador Says:

    Lindo trabalho et los articulos tambien

  6. Kay Fly 16 Says:

    Hi! Lovely works

  7. Minnie Boss Says:

    Various and rich of fantasy artwork

  8. Mali Wave Says:

    Well you can teach with your art, students and non-students will like it

  9. Lucia Says:

    Thank you all!